The Adventures of Pinocchio – Italian Section

“We know: in this world we must all help each other.”

Carlo Collodi da Le Avventure di Pinocchio

This video was produced during the first lockdown in Italy in 2020.
The video is based on Carlo Collodi’s book, which has been interpreted by the Italian nursery school children and their parents between March and June.
The nursery children in the Italian section of the European school had started working on their end of year Pinocchio production before the start of the pandemic. Therefore, they were disappointed at the prospect of not being able to do the performance for their parents. Thanks to the great spirit of collaboration and creativity the parents, children and class teacher decided to go ahead with the production.
Every family, despite being isolated in their own homes, and with the help and support of extended family members pulled together. The result was that they brought to life each of the 36 chapters of Colladi’s masterpiece.
The end result is truly moving and displays a great sense of unity and determination in such a challenging and unique moment of our lives